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Broadtech Group Technology Innovators

Historical yet continually evolving businesses to meet industry needs

The Broadtech Group

To address the demand for technical services and exciting new opportunities in the marketplace, the Broadtech Group has been serving different industry segments since 1973 through its subsidiaries JDA, and Broadtech Limited (formerly Broadcast Services Ltd) with their specialist skill sets.

As the technologies and customer needs evolved we have continued to expand and realign our service offerings within these businesses to continue to service the needs of broadcasters, telecommunications operators and other technical service clients.

JDA (Johnston, Dick & Associates Limited)

JDA has been involved in broadcasting since the arrival of private radio in New Zealand and performed the engineering for the original TV3 and TV4 networks including the complex spectrum planning. JDA won 9 of 10 regions in the NZ government digital terrestrial television tender and has played a key part in both FM and DTT engineering for the Pacific Islands.

Over the years JDA has acquired a large portfolio of transmission sites across NZ and were instrumental in the design of the telecommunications and broadcasting facilities on the Auckland Sky Tower. With site and facility management skills at our core, JDA continues to manage the Sky tower facility, as well as our own networks and many others for 3rd parties.

Broadtech Limited - formerly operating as Broadcast Services Limited

Broadtech commenced as a full-service broadcast engineering company and played a key part in the establishment of private FM radio studio and transmission networks in NZ and the Pacific.  Broadtech subsequently acquired DATS to compliment its portfolio to include professional video for studio production and specialist applications including pipe camera robots. With the reintroduction of telecommunications services within the group Broadtech now provides end-to-end engineering from conception, construction, implementation and servicing of professional television and radio broadcasting studio and network solutions, cellular networks and custom coverage, digital microwave linking, land mobile and maritime networks.

Cobalt Technologies joins the Broadtech Group

In early 2021 Cobalt Technologies became part of the Broadtech Group. Many of you will know Cobalt as a long-established and well recognised supplier of broadcasting products. Founded by Geoff Durrant in 1995, we are delighted that Geoff will join our team. Bring his extensive expertise delivering high-end studio, processing, head-end and network solutions to the radio, television, film and audio/video production industries. The integration of Cobalt will enable the Broadtech group to deliver end-to-end solutions for the radio, television, production and screen industries throughout New Zealand and the Pacific.

Broadtech launches new Health services division

The Broadtech Health division was established in March 2022 following the transition of key staff, assets and business services from a previous health sector technology provider known as Tellen NZ. Broadtech Health promptly transitioned this business over and immediately began to supply and support a comprehensive range of established digital technology solutions to the Healthcare, Aged care and Disability sectors.

The Broadtech Health team have extensive experience in the delivery and support of high quality messaging and duress networks in the New Zealand, UK and Australian markets. Broadtech Health now represent world-leading vendors in the NZ and Pacific healthcare markets and support their systems deployed in hospitals and residential care facilities across NZ.

Sky Communications Limited

SkyComms was a key part of the Group delivering cellular and microwave radio network services across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands with revenues in excess of 20M and a team of over 90 skilled engineers. SkyComms also specialised in the design and deployment of in-building coverage solutions (DAS). This expertise in telecommunications infrastructure design and deployment is now delivered via the Broadtech team.

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