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Our team of qualified and experienced technology experts are available to provide our unique ‘can do’ attitude to our diverse client base across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Our expertise, nation-wide presence  coupled with our company culture enables us to embrace projects which require experience and a unique technology approach. Our team constantly seek how to leverage new opportunities created by emerging technologies as well as how to service existing infrastructure to enable longevity of investment.

The Broadtech Group is supported by an experienced industry board providing governance and expertise for our continued growth and expansion.


The Broadtech Group is supported by an experienced industry Board providing governance and expertise for our continued growth and expansion.

Merv Taylor
Managing Director

Merv started building cellular networks in the late 80s and joined the Broadtech Group in 1997 to create Sky Communications Ltd (SkyComms), a specialist cellular and microwave radio design and build business employing 100 staff with revenues in excess of 20M. He subsequently expanded the SkyComms business in Australia with offices in Sydney and Melbourne with over 150 total staff.

He recently performed the role of Head of Technology, Design and Delivery (CTO) at The Rural Connectivity Group (RCG), a joint venture between Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees responsible for building a new circa 500 site 3G/4G network in rural New Zealand.

In early 2020 Merv returned to the group full time to take on the Managing Director role.

Susie Stone

Susie Stone is a respected industry professional with over 20 years’ experience at GM level in telecommunications and broadcasting businesses.

During her career she has gained extensive experience in growing successful businesses in NZ and Australia. In addition to her commercial focus, Susie also has extensive experience working in regulatory policy and government and industry relations.

Susie is a MInstD and is also on the board of Wine Grenade, an export agritech business.

Paul Hallowes

Paul Hallowes has held various senior roles within Vodafone, Ericsson, Spark and The Rural Connectivity Group (RCG).

He has a Certificate of Engineering from the RNZAF and 10 years’ experience covering radio, radar, electrical engineering, instrumentation and safety of life systems.

He has more than 20 years’ experience in mobile networks primarily focused on deployment of Radio Access Networks (RAN) including site acquisition, design and build, and operations.

Paul was also responsible for capital planning and investment and has led the implementation of next generation technology including 5G.

Senior Leadership Team

Vivenne Lee
Financial Controller
Broadtech Group

Vivienne manages and controls the financial reporting and planning across all business units of the Broadtech Group.

Douglas Creevey
Senior Consultant
Broadtech Group

Douglas brings to the Broadtech Group a wealth of business leadership and corporate governance experience that succeeded 25 years of design and build of many telecom and cellular networks overseas and in New Zealand.

Kevin Casbolt
Head of Networks

Kevin is responsible for managing all network properties, tower sites infrastructure and technical facilities in the Broadtech Group, managed by subsidiary, JDA.

Keith Salter
Head of Operations
Broadtech Ltd

Keith oversees the technical operations of all Broadtech, JDA and clients’ networks and all RF engineering services, such as Design, Spectrum Licensing and EME Investigations.

David MacDonald
Head of Projects & Services
Broadtech Ltd

David oversees all the professional engineering consultancy, special projects management and other applied technology services offered though Broadtech Ltd.

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